How long does it take for invisalign to respond to a query and what is the data (photos and moulds) that is need to be provided to them?

Q. I am using invisalign, I had 7 upper trays and 13 lower trays. I started the course back in June 2008, and finished my uppers in Sepetember. I finished my lowers last month, December. Before starting the whole invisalign procedure, my upper teeth were quite straight anyway, apart from my front right tooth was a bit further back than the rest. Getting this level with the rest of my upper teeth was my main reason for choosing invisalign, as these teeth are seen more than the rest. My bottom teeth are less visible when I talk naturally, or smile, but I thought I may as well get these straightened too, as they were pretty crooked. Ever since tray 5 of my uppers I sensed that the tooth I wanted aligned was not going to make it. I spoke to my orthodontist who told me to wait til I had finished all the trays before I get too concerned. Then after tray 7 (the last upper tray), I saw him again, and told him what I had suspected – my top teeth were not aligned. He told me to wait until I have finished my lower trays, and to keep wearing my upper tray as much as possible. Well I did this, and I went to see him last week as I have finished all trays now. My bottom teeth are 80% there, but not how I anticipated them to turn out. It is mainly my front lower tooth being more prominent than the rest. I am worried my ortho does not know what to do next – he keeps fobbing me off and brushing my concerns under the carpet, and claims my teeth are fine to him. He admits my top tooth is slightly further back than the rest, and claims this is because it is less “bulbous” than the rest of my teeth. He says he plans to contact the invisalign company to ask them if more trays are possible for me. He took no photos of my teeth to show them my latest results, and says he should have an answer for me in the next 2 -4 weeks!!! How does it take so long??? So in the meantime I have to keep wearing the trays. Has anyone had similar issues? What should the next step be? I suspect my botton prominent tooth needs shaving a bit to allow the rest of my teeth to come in line, and want my top tooth to be aligned with the rest. Thanks

A. You need to ask your orthodontist to take new moulds and photos and send them to invisalign.  You need more aligners to finish your teeth.

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