How Do I Deal With My Children’s Decaying Teeth?

Hello Doctor, I need bit of advice. I got my children a dental check up and have noticed that 2 of my children have decay on their 2 front teeth got what I can explain gap where it’s decaying, also my younger one has bad case on upper back where he made it bleed tonight just look it seem like hold or something. He had his last check up 6-8 months ago and it was okay so what has happened? What will they do for that? Will they take them out will they keep them in and remove the decay teeth, they did have dummies till about year ago but have stop now they have always cleaned there teeth 2 a day and used the right brush, I thank you for your time and eagerly await your response on the matter. Regards.
If the dentist can save the teeth that is better you can have the decay removed and have fillings placed hopefully these are baby teeth and not permanent ones but it should be a warning that maybe you need to look at brushing techniques and sugary diet intake. Speak to your dentist.
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