How come that the tooth under the crown can become bad?

Q. I got in September 2007 a tooth crown. After 2 years the crown got loose and I went back to the dentist. The dentist removed the crown and told me the tooth is bad and the tooth broken inside the crown, so that the crown come loose. But how come that the tooth become bad, when he got cleaned completely before the crown get placed over. Because under the crown a tooth can normally not get bad. Please, I hope you can answer the question: Is the dentist to blame and I have to pay for the repair? Because I think a crown most hold at least 10 years and not just 2 years. I can understand if the glue is not very strong, then the crown can get loose. Thanks a lot.

A. If the tooth has decayed under the crown then it maybe that your diet has too much sugar causing decay to happen despite the crown being a good fit. Unfortunatley I guess you’ll have to pay for a new crown.

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