How Can I Make My Teeth Straight?

Hello Doctor Butt,  My front top teeth stick out a lot I was just wondering what can be done do give me straight teeth please? My teeth are very weak. I have 2 teeth missing at the top and a bridge on the right side! I have even considered getting my bottom jaw broken to make them look straight! I didn’t know what root to take I’ve looked at braces but don’t know if you can have one with a bridge aswel, I’ve looked at veneers and even dental implants!!

Please help I have been so depressed about this for to long all I want is to feel confident and smile!!

Thank you

Hello, The options may be a combination of orthodontics, veneers and bridgework . However you will need to gain advice in person from an experienced dentist as I cannot diagnose the severity of the condition from this forum.
Needless to say there is always a way to improve things. I hope this helps
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