How Can I Improve the Shade of my Veneers?

Hello there. I have never been happy with my veneers as they were not the shade I was expecting. They are a yellow shade and I cannot improve them. Is there any solution other than replacing them? my veneers have been in place for around twenty years and are in very good condition other than the shade of them. Is there any product that is available to improve the colour or appearance of them? Thank you. 
Hello, thank you for your question. The only way to improve or change the colour of your veneers is to replace them. I would initially, however, go and have a really good clean and polish of them. To be fair, to have veneers for over 20 years is an amazing result as the average is about 8-10. They are probably due to be replaced regardless for health reasons as they could well be leaking after a such a long time in place. Do you know what material they were made with (porcelain or composite resin)?  Kind regards, Mark.
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