How Can I Improve My Smile, And How Much Will It Cost?

I have 5 top teeth, there’s two in the middle,1 to the left and two to the right, and on the bottom I have 8,  four at either side of the middle. All the teeth at the back are broken or missing due to lack of care over the years. I am embarrassed and talk carefully as not to open my mouth, which causes me to mumble as I don’t pronounce my words properly. I only smile with a closed mouth and have never had a real ‘show your teeth smile’. I hate not doing it due to the embarrassment caused. People see me as miserable as I don’t smile.What options do I have and what sort of costs are involved?
Hello, thank you for your question. It will depend on the condition of the remaining teeth; if they are not worth saving it might be good to consider either conventional dentures for a simple fix or dental implants that can be placed to hold fixed teeth. The costs are very difficult to estimate without seeing you but we charge from £13,000 for fixed teeth. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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