How Can I Get Rid Of These Yellow Stains On My Teeth?

Hello Doctor Riten Patel, I do hope that you can help me. I have a yellow line down each front tooth and have had them for a while, I have tried everything to get rid of them. using all of the over the counter whitening treatments, but nothing removes them, they seem to be under the enamel,would laser get rid of them if not what would you dentist said to have enamal removed teeth cleaned and re enamald costing £600 !! I just couldn’t afford that kind of money any advice you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. These stains have been on my teeth for many years and it really does effect my confidence greatly. I look forward to reading your response, Thank you in advance 
Hello there, I would need to see you but whitening may reduce the yellow lines and if that doesnt work then bonding some tooth coloured filling over the areas may be the answer. I hope this helps, Good luck, Thanks, 
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