Hi There. Is It Possible To Have An Implant And A Crown Put In Immediately After Extraction?

Hi there. I have an upper premolar (24) that has undergone RCT and has been heavily restored with a composite filling. My dentist felt that a post crown was not an option as in their opinion the tooth would not be able to support it. I am considering having an implant but I am not keen on the conventional method due to the length of time that the process can take. Is it possible to have an implant plus crown put in immediately after extraction (I know that this would depend on bone density and the area being infection free etc)?
Thank you in advance!
Hello. Yes, sometimes immediate loading is possible but it always carries a higher risk of failure. If you are considering this I would advise that you choose an implant dentist who has done a very large number of implants and not someone inexperienced for the best results and less risk of surgical failure. I hope this answers your question. Kind regards, Mark.
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