Hi, I’ve Had A Gum Infection For Three Months. I Have Tried Everything But I Keep Getting The Flu. What Should I Do?

Hi Dr Gambroudes, I have had a swollen gum infection for about 3 months now, which I think is due to a cut on the gum which has now healed. The top tooth where I cut it was hurting. I went to the dentist who did an X-ray and couldn’t find any problems. About a month later I went back and they just put antiseptic gel on it. I went to the doctors and got antibiotics but it didn’t work. I have had a deep cleaning done but the gum is still swollen and I keep getting flu. I have tried different mouthwashes, salt water, vitamin C tablets and so on but nothing is working. What else can I do? Would the gum need to be cut to get the infection out? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for writing in. The thing I would suggest would be to get a second opinion from a periodontist. The dentist who did your X-ray may have missed something. It’s difficult to say what the problem could be without meeting you and finding out for myself. Try to find someone in your area who has a high level of experience in this area. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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