Hi, I’m A Student In University And My Overcrowded Smile Is Getting Me Down. How Can You Help Me?

Hi Dr Bohara. I’m a 23 years old and I’m also currently a student in university. I have a lot of overcrowding which has caused my teeth to become very crooked, I’ve seen my dentist and he said my teeth are in good condition but to get a great smile I’d need some teeth removed and braces. Would I get them discounted or for free since I’m a student? My oral situation is really depressing me, I never smile in photos and I’m extremely self conscious about my teeth. I hope you can help me with this matter. Thank you.
Hello and thanks for writing in. Unfortunately I am afraid teeth straightening and braces treatment does not come free under the NHS as it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Some practices offer financial plans to help spread the cost. You can try to ask your dentist to refer you to a dental training hospital which may offer reduced rates however the waiting lists can be long. Find a clinic that offers free consultations so that you know how much you’ll need to save for this procedure.
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