Hi, I Think I Have Dental Fluorosis. What Treatment Options Would You Suggest?

Hi, I have started to notice what I think is dental fluorosis on my front two teeth. I have two dark lines appearing on my two front teeth and a little line on the tooth next to front tooth. I have looked into it online and wondered if you think teeth whitening is the best option first? I know another option is veneers but I am only 20 and think whitening might be a better option. I have got a dentist appointment but it is not for 2 weeks so just wanted some advice and a separate opinion when I ask my regular dentist.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It is always difficult to comment on individual cases without being able to see you first hand, however in situations like this there are always a number of options and these will invariably depend on the nature of the discolouration. Firstly an accurate diagnosis of the discolouration is required. Fluorosis does not just appear on a tooth and is normally present when the tooth erupts into the mouth. Options to consider would be localised micro-abrasion, direct bonding with composite, tooth whitening and veneers in more extreme cases. I really hope this helps. Kind regards Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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