Hi, I Suffer From Bulimia And Tooth Erosion. Would Cosmetic Bonding Be The Ideal Treatment To Fix My Chipped Teeth?

Hi, due to my Bulimia I have some damage to my two front teeth there is a small gap at the bottom due to chipping and the edges have become slightly ragged. I wondered if an application of resin and tooth bonding would fix this? I had perfect teeth but due to my illness I can’t help but feel reminded every time I brush my teeth in the mirror of my eating disorder. My dentist is unaware of this disorder however has noticed my enamel erosion and suggested a course of resin may ‘erase’ the chips. Thanks, your advice would be appreciated at this time.
Hello, thanks for writing in. Composite resin bonding can be an effective method of treating enamel/tooth loss from Bulimia. I would be honest with your dentist and explain the reason why your teeth are chipping so that he/she can help you with treatment and give you treatment and advice for prevention against erosion in the future. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mark.
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