Hi, I Suffer From Bulimia And I Would Like To Know If There Is Any Way To Protect My Teeth From Any Further Damage?

I have suffered from bulimia for around 4 years and I am currently being treated. My main concern though is my teeth. I’m incredibly worried about the effect bulimia has and will have on my teeth as I am nowhere near recovered yet. I was wondering what kind of thing I can do to protect my teeth as I already feel that they are increasingly sensitive? I realize that I may need to get some form of treatment in the future if I do not get my bulimia under control soon but I would like to minimize the damage done in the mean time.
Thank you.
My first piece of advice would be to seek professional advice in person, from a very good dentist who has experience dealing with bulimia. The problems come from acid and can very quickly expose your teeth to rapid tooth decay and start a process when the teeth wear down significantly and the bite deepens. Please treat this condition very seriously and act now to get some help and intervention (if needed).

In the meantime you should try to reduce your sugar and acidic food intake and you can use toothpaste such as Sensodyne Pronamel which will help a little.

Good luck with your treatment but go and see a dentist straight away, Mark.

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