Hi! I Have A Broken Tooth And I’m Afraid It Will Hurt To Get Treatment To Sort It Out. Do You Know Of Any Natural Remedy?

Hello Dr Gambroudes! I really want to ask you a question. I’m a teenager and I have a broken tooth. It’s my first time that this has happened in my entire life. It hurts only sometimes when I eat, but not that often. I’m afraid to remove that bad part of the tooth from a dentist with those tools they use because I know it’s painful. Is there any home remedy or natural substance that with help me remove that part and then go to the dentist to fill it? Thanks a lot.
Hello, I’m glad you’ve sought my help with this problem. I really would recommend just making an appointment to see a dentist. They will be able to have a look at the tooth and discuss your options. Whatever treatment is necessary, it will be completely painless, and the dentist can remove the broken portion and fill the tooth at the same time, saving you any distress in the mean time, if you are still worried they may suggest sedation.. I hope this helps. Many thanks, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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