Hello Doctor. My Sister Needs Braces Before Her Wedding. She Wants Ones Which Are Less Visible. What Treatment Would You Recommend?

Hello Doctor, hope you are well! I’m writing to you to know about treatment for overcrowded teeth for my sister (27 years old). She does not want to opt for metal braces as they are visible and will not give her a good look for her wedding.

Please suggest what procedure will be best for her and which is less painful, giving her better look as well.

How long would treatment go and how frequently would she need to see doctor once treatment commences. If you have any details of cost of treatment, that’ll be of great help to plan! Awaiting your response.


Hello, thanks for getting in touch with me. It’s difficult to say as the length of time it takes depends on the extent of the treatment need. It might be possible if she’s a suitable candidate for invisible braces or clear aligners. Even with fixed braces it’s still possible, or with lingual braces which means behind the teeth. You could come and see us or see another orthodontist to discuss details further as a full consultation will provide you with the answers you request. Many thanks, Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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