Have medical condition Nail Patella Syndrome. Advise on what can be done?

Dear Dr Hughes I am a 45 year old male who has a medical condition known as Nail Patella Syndrome. One of the problems that is common in people with NPS is a lack of enamel on the teeth and, as a result, those with this problematic hereditry disease is crumbling teeth. I have lost, bar the roots, all but 10 of my teeth and, while I had the full support of my local dentist and the local hospital, the dental school at Liverpool University refused to do anything and said that I should have them all removed. My local hospital actually asked me, having seen the x-rays, when I was diagnosed with NPS because I should have been referred to a specialist with my condition at the time. They were surprised to learn that I was diagnosed at birth and if the dentistry had still been practicing I could have taken legal action so, as you can appreciate, I am somewhat annoyed at this news. I was hoping that a mistake by an NHS practice should be resolved by one and as a musician it is important for me not to have dentures because it can be difficult to play a brass instrument. I would, therefore, be interested to know what can be done as this is causing me undue stress. I look forward to your reply.
I treat a lot of musicians in my practice and my wife is an oboe player so I am very familiar with how dentistry and teeth can affect playing.

The best thing for you to do is to contact the Musicians Benevolent Fund as they may be able to help and also come and see me so we can examine you

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