Has My Dentist Filed My Tooth Too Much?

Hello I recently chipped my front tooth On thurs. I went to a dentist on Friday. My chipped tooth was bonded with a white filling and then filed. I have noticed that my front teeth are now not the same length as they were previously. The newly filled tooth is a shorter length is this normal? Or Did the dentist file the tooth too much?
Now I’m conscious of my two front teeth not being level. Is there anything I can do? Can white filing be added to make the teeth the
same length ?

I take pride in my teeth and was always proud of my teeth when I smile, now because of this I feel I cannot have a confident smile as before. I would be extememly grateful if you could answer my questions and let me know what you recommend I should do. Should I go back to the dentist who was not my usual dentist but I went because I could not get an earlier appointmentwith my main dentist.

go back to the dentist who did the work and he should be able to adjust the length if it hasnt been too long since it was done.
if you go back to your normal dentist expect to pay again for the work
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