Do you think it is plausible to wear Invisalign for three weeks?

Dear Dr Safeer Butt,
I had Inman Aligner treatment immediately followed by a bonded retainer fixed behind my upper front teeth.

14 months later, my two front teeth have moved slightly back towards their old position.

I visited my Cosmetic Dentist who assured me the bonding has not deteroriated or come loose, suggesting that the wire has not been sufficiently strong.

His proposed solution is for me to wear an Invisalign brace full time for three weeks, and then at night for double protection this is while I keep my fixed retainer in place.

Does this sound plasuible to you? I would have thought that the Invisalign brace would be pointless while the wire is in place, but at the same time I didn’t think I’d see any tooth movement either.

I’d appreciate your opinion.

Kind Regards,

Hi Robert,
It happens but the invisalinesque retainer will attempt to torque the teeth as one unit rather than individuals which the bonded retainer won’t allow.

Unfortunately you fall into the small category of patients who would have needed the bonded retainer and the removable to fit on top to prevent this happening.

The torque is difficult to achieve but is possible

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