Do You Think I Would Be Able To Get A Bridge With The Condition Of My Teeth?

Hi Dr. Wondering if you could help me, this is probably fairly standard for you so shouldn’t be too hard a query. Basically, I have a tooth that I believe now needs extracting because I have lost the crown that was on it and I have just left it over quite a period of time. I not been to the dentist because, to be honesty with you I am scared of the pain and haven’t really been wanting to go through it.. One of the teeth next to it is in great condition and the other has filling, some of which has also fallen away. So now you have a little context, I was wanting to know, can I have a bridge do you think? I don’t want to have false teeth and certainly can’t afford a cosmetic crown. How much ( if I am able to have a bridge) will it cost?
Possibly the bridge is an option , but this depends on how your teeth come together and the strength of the adjacent teeth .
You will need to discuss all the options with your dentist before the extraction.
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