Do I Have a Cavity?

Dear doctor,
I am experiencing some discomfort at the moment, probably the upper left 4 or 5 teeth, but I think is the premolar and it is sensitive to sweet things. Could it be a cavity or maybe too much hard brushing on that side, considering that I just chew from that side of the mouth?
I’m getting worried because on the right side a very deep cavity was not found in the past and I had to have a root canal treatment.
I m scheduled with a dentist but I just wanted to have some extra advice to be on the safe side…my OPG taken in December doesn’t show any abnormalities or caries.
Many thanks in advance, I hope you can help me.
Hi, thank you for your question. It could be both maybe? OPG X-rays are not good for spotting cavities unless they are very large – you should have “bitewing ” X-rays taken to assist in assessing this properly, as well as other diagnostic tests. X-rays alone are not enough to completely diagnose problems. The examination with the dentist is the correct next step and he/she should carry out a full range of diagnostic tests during your examination (ask for a full/thorough examination appointment, not a quick look or short one – it’s always best to do things thoroughly so nothing is missed).  Best wishes, Mark.
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