Dental implants will cost £32,000 I cannot afford this is there any help for me out there ?

Q. As a working mother of 4 chidren who all have excellent teeth due to my misfortune of having the worst set in the world due to neglect poor diet and an accident dental implants is now my only hope i have had crowns but time takes its toll and the roots are splitting that was the worst day 4 me .i sat and cried when my dentist pulled the last bits out,could,nt speak just left the room and walked 4 ours crying in town knowing that my nightmare had really began it was down hill from thier on .i,m only 37 Dental implants could save me but the catch £32,000 not a hope in hell .is thier assistance out thier for the people like me who mentally would have a happier life if only we could afford to get this treatment done.i have all the usual marks Smile wots that havent had one of those for so many years im so ashamed of wot can be seen even for them close to me.

A. I was very sad to read your story about the nightmares you have had with your teeth. Being a dental cripple is extremely debilitating. Unfortunately there is no provision that I am aware of for help under the NHS for patients like yourself. The only possibility that I can think of is for your dentist to refer you to a dental hospital to see if they can help.

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