Dear Andrew, I Have Noticed Some Enamel Loss Recently. Is There Any Way To Replace The Enamel I’ve Lost?

Dear Andrew,

My teeth are in generally good health and I do not suffer from any sort of pain. However over the last few months I have noticed that my two upper right sided incisors have had some enamel loss, which has probably happened over time and therefore they are now shorter than my left sided incisors which looks quite odd. Is there any way to replace, naturally or artificially, the enamel which has been lost from a cosmetic point of view? Thank you, I hope you can help me with my enquiry.

Thank you for your enquiry. If it’s minor loss of enamel, cosmetic bonding with resin works well, it might be worth investigating the cause though in case you’re grinding your teeth at night? If this is the case you may need a mouth guard at night. Speak to your dentist and they should see if this is the case. You can find more information on cosmetic bonding through this website. I hope this helps. Dr Andrew Moore.
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