Could my daughters teeth be treated without extractions?

I am directing this question to you specifically, as I have read a little on the affects of some procedures on facial asthetics/profile, and have been concerned. That you are clearly aware and interested in these points makes me hope that you may be able to guide us a little?… My daughter is 16, and her two front teeth protrude/tip forward. This is by 8mm, we have been informed, but there is otherwise no problem with her teeth. The rest of them are beautifully alligned, and her oral hygene has always been exceptional so the condition of her teeth and gums is also extremely good.

Prior to moving, we were told by our dentist that a brace would be needed for 8mths, with no extractions. A different dentist then said her teeth were not ‘bad’ enough to warrent a brace. Her new dentist has suggested 2 extractions (of perfectly healthy and perfectly alligned teeth, futher back in her jaw), and a fitted brace for 18-24mths. He has suggested this is her only option, and will not discuss otherwise.

I have now read many research papers, and also many sites claiming success for different procedures. There is support that from 16yrs, a female’s structue is no longer pliable, and contrary reports that the structure of adults of any age is malable to a degree.

My daughters teeth may be seen from different angles in photos at the bottom of this page (copy & paste): My question is this, in your opinion, is it possible that only extraction and a fixed brace are available as a route for her, or could INVISALIGN/INMAN; DAMON SYSTEM; LINGUAL BRACES or even the HOMEOBLOCK be viable options?

I am concerned that removing teeth and having a conventional brace fitted would result in VERTICAL GROWTH, and therefore possibly ruin a budding career, and would very much appreciate an honest response regarding these points… any further info./suggestion is obviously welcome, and your opinion is highly valued. Thank you in advance for your time.


From the close up photos it’s clear she has quite prominent front teeth. As to whether or not she would be best treated with or without extractions or the various braces options you have listed, it’s almost impossible to say without a more detailed examination of her.

I’d advise you to see a Specialist Orthodontist, as dentists with this level of qualification will be able to advise you best on all the orthodontic options. Further I’d make your selection by using someone who understands facial development – they often say on heir websites that they believe in ‘facially driven’ treatment. Here are some examples in London :

Damon braces are an excellent option when it comes to fixed braces, and often can be used without extractions. incognito lingual braces are another excellent option. So I’d advise you to consult with an orthodontist who has lots of experience with these.

Hope that helps you. Mark

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