Could I Have All My Teeth Extracted and All On 4 Done on the Same Day?

Hello Dr Hughes. I have extremely bad teeth because of drug abuse and from never looking after them properly in the past. There are more fillings than there is enamel now, and I also have seven crowns. I am not in any pain or discomfort or anything like that and I have been looking after my mouth properly now that I am drug- and alcohol- free. Would it be possible for me to have all of my teeth extracted and get All On 4 done on the same day, or would I have to wait for the gums to heal before a dentist could start the All On 4? Thank you for your time, I hope you can answer my question. 
Hi, thank you for contacting me with your question. Yes, in theory you could have an All On 4 treatment. Usually the teeth go in on same day, and then some months later a modification is made so that the teeth fit perfectly once the gums have shrunk back fully. Good luck. Mark. 
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