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How much would it cost to get implants for my 5 missing teeth?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011


hi like most people looking for some advise on my next step with my teeth..this is the story..I lost my front tooth when i was a teenager, then i had a poorly made bridge fitted this lasted for about 6 years till i took a boot in the mouth playing football then had another tooth worn down and new ( poorly) fitted bridge put in. i now have another one and in all i now have 5 missing teeth under the bridge..i really hate the look of it and its never felt right in my mouth it was a nhs job so i no it was never gonna be the best but i expected better than what was actually fitted. implants sound good put at about 2500 per tooth i could not afford to spend 12500 putting it right is this the correct price?.. or could you tell me what other opitions would be availble to me. really need to get this sorted asap many thanks

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How long after a tooth is removed can I have an implant?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011


I have had a lower left molar extracted about 7.5 weeks ago as it was cracked. My dentist says that an implant should be placed within 8 weeks of tooth extraction to eliminate bone shrinkage, however my CT scan done yesterday shows bone is still soft around the extraction area and requires more healing, but my dentist is saying that i can have a bone graft to place the abutment quickly as it is likely that the extraction site will not hold the abutment just yet as it is not healed enough. She also says i have to have a temporary bridge to prevent teeth drifting. The whole process seems very rushed to me and is costing £3500 in total which is very expensive. Could I not wait an extra month to eliminate bone grafting and to allow more healing which i need and then have the abutment? and not have a temporary Bridge at all? I just feel I’m being too rushed especially as I am due to go overseas with work for up to 1 year in a couple of weeks and have explained to my dentist i could get this done in Sydney rather than here in the UK once the area heals.

dr rob tennet

Dr Rob Tennet

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