Can You Recommend A Dentist Where I Can Get My Teeth Fixed? I Have A Real Fear Of Dentists.

Hi Dr Gambroudes, I have a real fear of dentists. The whole experience is a nightmare. Can you recommend a dentist where I can get my teeth fixed? I have very badly rotten and broken teeth throughout my mouth but now it’s getting to the point that I no longer feel I want to open my mouth. I want them fixed or removed and replaced if possible. I want to go out and be able to smile at people without them giving me dirty looks. Also having teeth will boost my confidence and allow me to get a face to face job instead of me applying for all the job where I don’t have to see customers so to speak. Please can you help.
Hello and thank you for contacting me, I understand it can be difficult for people to talk about their dental fears. Just know that most cosmetic dentists fix a wide variety of dental conditions on a daily basis and can achieve some amazing results. I would advise you to familiarise yourself with the type of work you would need and find a dentist you feel confident and comfortable with. Payment options to spread the cost of treatment can also be sought. Same day implants could possibly be an option for you. I hope this helps. Regards, Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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