Can You Help Me With My 6th Form Project?


I am a sixth-form student and am currently studying for my A-levels. I’m hoping that one day I can become a cosmetic dentist like yourself! I was just wondering if it would it be possible for me to email you a list of questions for my Extended Project Qualification on Cosmetic Surgery as part of an email interview?

Here are some examples of the questions: 1. What inspired you to specialise in cosmetic dentistry? 2. Did you experience cases of low self-esteem from patients? 3. Have any patients ever expressed a loss of self-identity or self-perception post-surgery? 4. How would you measure self-identity? If you would rather I contacted you and asked them over the phone or through your personal e-mail then please let me know. Many thanks in advance. 

Hi there. I would rather we discussed this over the phone so you are more than welcome to contact the practice and I will try to help you. I hope this helps, regards, Riten. 
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