Can You Help Me Plan The Best Course Of Treatment For My Weakened, Decayed Teeth?

Dear Dr.,

I have several issues, my front teeth are severely decayed and broken this has just added to the other issue. I had a car accident while in the Royal Navy and have been a wheelchair user for 10+ years which means I struggle to carry and pick things up. I without really thinking about it carry stuff in my teeth or drag at a sleeve etc. with my teeth really wearing them down. Essential I’ve been left with a mouth that looks like a cemetery with lots of broken tombstone. Due to the injuries I received I’ve been on major painkillers for sometime that usually means I struggle to get any relief from normal drugs a dentist uses. My teeth have got to the point where I’m surprised when they don’t hurt.

I’ve saved some money which I don’t want to flush away with the wrong treatment.

Please help

The first step is to find a dentist in your area who can offer the full range of treatments such as fillings crowns, root canal treatment and implants. Ask around friends to see who they recommend. Once you’ve had a full consultation you will have a better understanding of the work involved but it sounds like it will be worth getting a really nice job done in the long run
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