Can you advise me on teeth loss due to periodontal disease?

Q. I suffer from periodontal disease and have already last 2 teeth. I have bone loss as a result of the disease. My periodontist tells me that I could not have implants as I have lost too much bone and I worry that I have had too much bone loss for dentures to be a possible option. My periodontist tells me that they do not work very well for people with periodontal disease. Unfortunately this was not explained to me 20 years ago when I started treatment or I could have made the decision to have the effected teeth extracted then. My front teeth do not seem to be too badly effected, it is mainly my molars one of which is quite mobile. Can you offer me any advice, I am 52 and I feel that my face is aging prematurely because of this problem and I worry about being without teeth at what, these days, is a relatively young age.,
A. hi you should consider saving/preventive measures to keep what bone you have consider the perioprotect system.also enquire about bone augmentation procedures as even if you can get a few implants in this can help to secure a denture.
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May 1st, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Korvin Says :

I am 40yrs old and im loosing two of my front teeth due to bone loss can that make my chin sore?

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