Can Veneers Treat an Underbite?

Good morning Dr Hughes. Can you advise me on if I can have veneers fitted to effectively correct am underbite (my bottom teeth sit over my top teeth)?  I wish to improve my teeth with veneers, but with the top teeth veneers appearing over the bottom ones, rather than the way my teeth sit now. Is this possible, and how would it be achieved?

Also, would you be able to advise me on the costing of this? Thank you in advance. 

Hello, thanks for your question. Veneers are usually not suitable for the correction of this type of bite problem. Orthodontic intervention is usually the best option, sometimes requiring jaw surgery as well. My advice would be to go and see a specialist orthodontist for an opinion and maybe a second or third opinion too? I hope you find the right treatment method for you. Regards, Mark. 
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