Can my overbite be fixed with dental veneers?

I have an overbite. Both my top and bottom teeth jut out. I’ve been having on and off ortho work done for years and years. But turns out my doctor was a quack. And they are still not fixed. They are due to the fact that my teeth r just too big for my mouth. My bottom teeth are very close together not fully overlapping but the edges are very close and slightly overlap each other. I want to know if this all can be fixed with veneers. All the jutting, the crowdedness, all of it and I’m willing for them to shave down my teeth for as long as my lips fall on my teeth a lot nicer when closing and for a gorgeous smile. Can this happen? What do I ask for?
Its very difficult to reduce an over bite with veneers but you could find out what could be acheived by using impressions for your dentist to create a diagnostic wax up to preview the final result. Thats the best thing to do before committing to trimming the teeth down
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