Can My Niece Get Braces On The NHS For Free?

My niece is 31 years old and is in receipt of income support. She is stunning but is very conscious of her very crooked teeth. Would she be entitled to a brace on the nhs as her problem is making her really unhappy. She has always worked but only part time but now has a young daughter and this is the first time she has ever claimed benefits. .
She is becoming more and more conscious and paranoid that people are looking at her. She is not the most confident person in the world and never ever smiles when having photos taken as she won’t let anyone see her teeth. I personally think it is now affecting her mental state and there is nothing that we can say to her to boost her confidence. She has always looked after her teeth and they are brilliant white although she does only attend a dentist when it is absolutely necessary. She currently wears a tooth shield as she has been experiencing severe pain but shows no signs of having any actual dental problem so has had to have this made as they think it is caused by clenching her teeth together or by grinding them. Please try to help us to make her smile her beautiful smile like she used to do when she was young and carefree
I’m afraid she won’t qualify for braces on the NHS as they are not available to over 18’s. Its very difficult in this situation to suggest what to do as I’m sure she is a deserving case but it might be impossible to find someone who will provide complex treatment for free
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