Can My Middle Teeth be Straightened so They are Central and Correct?

I have a middle line tooth. My two middle teeth are off set to the right, causing my tooth to be centred in my mouth line. Is there anything that can be done to straighten the middle two to have them central and correct? Thank you. I had braces when I was younger to push them over but it didn’t work. My teeth are too big for my mouth and I’m missing an incisor on one side, so this is what causes the teeth and centre line not to be straight. I know Tom Cruise suffers from the same problem! If that helps for a visual aspect.
Hello, thank you for your question. Further orthodontic treatment might work, it really depends on how large your mid-line discrepancy is. As with Mr Cruise you’ll no doubt know that his mid-line problem was not fully corrected. If we can get it to within 2mm then it’s usually not so noticeable. I would advise you to see a very experienced specialist orthodontist who has treated a large number of such cases in adults (not children). Hope that helps,  Mark.
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