Can My Crowns Be Made Shiny And Smooth?

I recently had two all porcelain crowns on my front teeth. They were too bulky so the dentist contoured them all over to flatten them. Now, I feel self conscious because I can see horizontal creases on the crowns and they are not as shiny as before. I have paid a lot of money for these crowns and feel really upset with the appearance. I can see where the dentist has contoured them and where he hasn’t because I can see te shiny glaze in some areas where he did not contour. When I tried them on I did not feel like I could make a decision because they kept falling out of my mouth and I ended up saying yes but felt rushed. I would have preferred going away with them for a few days and then making my decision. Is there any way that the crowns can be made shiny and smooth again?
Hello, I know it can be difficult to decide on crowns, especially if the fit/colour seems a little off to you initially. This issue is an important one so thank you for your question. What I would advise is going back to see if they can be polished, if not they might need replacing.
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