Can I Still Wear Braces If I Have Fillings?

Hello Dr, Mark Hughes, i wanted to know if you can still wear braces even if i lack 1 molar teeth? and i already have an existing 4 fillings? And i am afraid that wearing braces may cause my fillings to break or get destroyed. I also have this tooth grinding dis order .. . i am really scared that its impossible to fix my teeth anymore. and I absolutely don’t want to have to wear dentures! They’re not for me and i dont think they hygienic. So i basically just want to know if its possible for me to still wear braces with the condition my teeth are in at the moment, and fix my dental problems? I really hope you can help me :) I look forward to your response. thanks in advance :)
Yes orthodontic braces can be worn at any age and even with a missing molar. Your dental health needs to be in optimum condition however. Please go and see an orthodontist or dentist who has experience with adult treatment

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