Can I Have Veneers If I’m Only 22?

Hello Doctor Hughes, I have been suffering with abscesses in my gum for as long as I can remember I’m only 22 and have about 10 if not more a year…some bigger then others, I have asked my dentist what I can do but haven’t really got any good advice off them. I have had one of my teeth drilled and drained but it keeps refilling. my bottom teeth come away from the gums and cause pain and unpleasent feeling. I brush my teeth twice a day some times more, just can’t take the pain no more and need to do something about them. I have been told to look into veneers but I do like my teeth there not horrible … And do think I am young to have them. Just need help or pushed in the right direction to stop all this pain thank u for taking time to read this.
Hello there, and glad to help

Please come for a thorough examination and consultation as soon as possible so I can assess fully what problems you are hhaving and help to find some solutions for you.



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February 26th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Nika Says :

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