Can I Have My Teeth Screwed in After Having Dentures for 29 Years?

How much does it cost to have your teeth screwed in? I’ve had dentures for 29 years and I hate them. All my teeth are bad. Can I even get screwed in teeth after having dentures for so long? Are there any dental plans that help with the cost? I am poor and living on social security. What are veneers? Do you take them out or are they permanent? I hate having something on the roof of my mouth and my teeth don’t fit me well and sometimes cause discomfort.
Thank you for your question. Regarding the cost, I do not yet have enough information to answer you. it depends on:  how many teeth (on the dentures) you need replacing, whether it’s both jaws or just one, if want dentures again or teeth/bridges, the level of quality you want, the aesthetics you would like, bone density and any bite problems or tooth grinding issues. Veneers are thin ‘shells’ or layers of porcelain or composite resin that cover the front and biting edges of the teeth to make them look better/strengthen them/rebuild them

The are stuck on to the teeth, so they are not removable, but you need to have natural teeth to have veneers.  Hope that helps,  Mark.

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