Can I Have My Teeth Corrected Without Extraction?

Hi. I have just finished my forth session of deep cleaning because I have bad bone loss, due to this my front teeth have changed shape. The tooth next to my front tooth has turned and left a big gap. The dentist I’m with says the only two options I have are a plate with a single tooth on or a bridge, but again the tooth will still be pulled until the bridge can be fitted. Is there a way of having a veneer, cap or crown on the tooth rather than it be pulled? I do not want a plate. Thank you. 
Hello, thank you for your question. It may be possible to have those treatments you mentioned. It may also be possible (if your gums are healthy) to have orthodontic treatment to move the teeth back and maybe some conservative bonding to close any gaps that are left behind from the gum shrinkage. I’d seek a second opinion from a cosmetic dentist who can provide a full examination of your mouth. Regards, Mark.
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