Can I Have My Relapsed Teeth Corrected Naturally?

Hi. I used to wear fixed top and bottom braces when I was younger, for three years. My teeth were perfect but started to move about 7 years ago. On my top teeth, one front tooth has started to stick out a little and it’s very upsetting. How can this be corrected naturally, without veneers etc.? My bottom teeth are very crooked now, I had about 4 teeth extracted when the braces were fitted as I have a small mouth but large teeth, my jaw is cross biting and it’s effecting my speech slightly. Can you help me please?
Thank you for getting in touch. It is likely that the best option for you is further orthodontic treatment, but veneers may well be an option. You should have a thorough examination and consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist who can also advise you about all your orthodontics options as well. Best wishes,  Mark.
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