Can I have all my teeth taken out and replaced with dentures I am nervous so need sedation

Q. Firstly i have a fear of Dentists and have not been to see A dentist for about ten years. I was wondering if its possible to have all my teeth taken out and have dentures fitted as i now have broken and missing teeth. Also could you tell me how much this would cost as im on a low income.


A. There are a number of dentists who offer sedation. Please seek these dentists out before committing to loosing all your teeth. With sedation you may be able to end up with a good result without having to wear full dentures for the rest of your life – there us no comparison between eating food with your own teeth compared to plastic teeth no matter how well the dentures are made. I am unable to give you an estimate for treatment without having your situation properly assessed.

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dr julian caplan

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May 12th, 2009 at 08:47 PM
ava Says :

i am 36 years old. and i have 8 children. im living in a domestic violent realationship and my husband head butted me and my to front teeth are loose. i never smiled on my wedding photos ive always been ashamed of my teeth .my family background was very poor i suffered at the hands of my grandfather with sexual abuse for 16 years.and unfortunatly my mother never kept to my routine appointments when i was a child and frightened me of them. i know to have lovely teeth its expensive ,but i just want to smile and be proud and i would give up my one sin smoking as mt teeth are a mess i dont know what else to do with kind regards ava.

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