Can I Get Veneers on the NHS Through a Private Dentist?

My teeth are in quite a state. They are discoloured, one is chipped, and I was also advised I have too many teeth in my mouth. Stemming from a mental health reason, I have eaten sweets over the years and now I am paying the price. I don’t apply for jobs that require customer contact as I have a great fear that people are looking at my teeth, which makes me so depressed. I also never smile for the same reason. As I am a full time carer I will never have the money for the treatment. I was advised by my last dentist to get veneers.My question is can I get veneers on the NHS done through a private dentist? Thank you. 
Hi, thank you for your question. You might get veneers if it is classed as non cosmetic but not from a private dentist, just an NHS one. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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