Can I Get Straight, White Teeth Even If My Whitening Treatment Has Failed?

Hi, Is it possible to have a really white teeth regardless of how discolored the teeth are? I tried the teeth whitening and I wasn’t satisfied with the result, it was a total waste of time and money, My teeth still look the same and its really embarrassing. If it’s possible, what procedure would one undergo and the cost? Also, what would be the best treatment for me to have a straight teeth line, I am 33 at the moment , Is a perfect white and straight teeth line still possible? Please, let me know the best option suitable in my case. Thanks.
Hello, thank you for your questions. It is really difficult to give you all of the answers without seeing you for a consultation. However, your tooth discolouration could be due to various factors and the type of treatment applicable would be many. I don’t know the source of the tooth whitening so it could be the product you used that didn’t work for you. Hopefully if the whitening was from your dentist he/she would have reviewed the reason for your tooth discolouration before commencement of whitening and therefore the whitening treatment should have been effective, I cannot comment on the reason why it wasn’t effective. If the whitening was from your dentist, it may be the case that you revisit your dentist to let him/her know that it hasn’t worked for you. Again with the question of straightening your teeth there are many different ways of achieving straight teeth. I would visit your dentist to get a list of the options available for your particular teeth.
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