Can i get dental implants free of charge on NHS

Q. i was attending a clinic where i was in the middle of being offered dental implants,fantastic i thought, an opportunity not to be missed,to cut a long story short ,i was diognosed with bowel cancer and every thing came to a halt, now 2 years on i am making enquiries into this, what are some good reasons for some one with dentures to recieve implants,they are from the NHS and come free of charge, hence me wanting to get them.,
A. I don’t know of a situation where implants will be available on the NHS i’m afraid
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  1. robert cotterill says:

    hi do dental schools take on patients at a lowerd cost, of the implant fortraining purposes.iwas told by a woman at the dental hospital in birmingham that they do

  2. julie says:

    i have part dentures, but i cant wear them without gipping.
    i wonder if there is implants available on the nhs?

  3. Antonia says:

    Hi i have very bad receeding gums and now have a few very wobbly teeth , i know i will need dentures shortly and have been reading up on retained dentures can these be done on nhs or will it be private? do retained dentures look like the persons own teeth ? the thought of that pink plastic showing when i smile makes me cringe

  4. Justice says:

    Thanks for your question. Generally, implants aren’t available on the NHS. Dentures however, are. The more you’re willing to spend on dentures will allow your dentist to utilise a better dental technician using better materials. Its possible for a skilled technician to make dentures that are almost impossible to tell are artificial.

  5. James Hover says:

    Oh come on, and you a doctor! You know very well you can get Dental Implants for free.
    I know for a fact the Royal Dental college in Leicester Square do it for free, albeit by students who are learning how to do Implantations, but the are supervised by qualified dental surgeons as they do it… So yes you can get Implants for free….

  6. Kalyn says:

    Hi My Mum has severe arthritis and is on disability living allowance now having worked hard all her life. As her jaw is badly affected her teeth are very uneven and loose. She has great difficulty eating now as her teeth are so unstable. her dentist wants to take them all out and give her false ones but she doesnt want this as her jaw is so uneven that she knows they wouldnt fit properly. She would like implants but cant afford to spend £10,000 or more. Could you suggest anything. Is there help towards the cost for people like my Mum. She is wasting away from not bieng able to eat. Thanks

  7. Kamryn says:

    I would advise that you try your local NHS hospital and have her dentist refer her there to see if there’s anything they can do to help her Best wishes

  8. ian jones says:

    just over 9yrs ago i had a full set of teeth(aged 37).but i was in a road traffic accident on the m4 motorway,where the car i was driving left the motorway while going over a has left me totally disabled both legs in bad way,left arm was to be ampitated,but still have it,but a bit mangled up..broke neck in two places,pins and plated all over,also suffered head truma!!!
    yet every other tooth i have on my top teeth are missing,i can’t wear dentures as i can’t stick anything in my mouth for long(heave and sick) looked up nhs implants for replacements..
    it says they only give free nhs implants if iv had mouth cancer and need reconstruction or been in an accident!!! yeah i can have free nhs implants!! NOPE!!
    why print it saying you can when they still won’t let you have them..
    so..iv come up with a plan to ask my doctor who repared most of my body to see if he can sort something out!! anyone else think they might know a way to get them..ian..

  9. Kaleigh says:

    My now 16 year old son has a major gap in the front top . he has had to have a full brace for the last two years and now have been removed it has left him with a gap as he does not have the teeth there that he should have our dentist has told us he could have implants but would have to pay for this and would cost about 2k ?. As the teeth have never been there i wanted to know if this could be done on the NHS for free ?

  10. Adrien says:

    Implants aren’t available on the NHS i’m afraid, he could have an adhesive bridge on the NHs instead?

  11. Barrett says:

    hello i have full set of false teath and can not eat the norm food had them for 2 years now and getting me really down as am losing my confidence can i get full set of screw in ones on the nhs as i am only 24 and finding hard to live a normal life with the ones i have as somtime the can fall out even when i drink and its knocking my confidence i would be very grat full if you could wright back to me may thanks

  12. Zackery says:

    I’m sorry but implants aren’t available on the NHS

  13. Jayla says:

    Hi, I’ve just been told that I need to have 3 dental implants. I’m aware of the cost, totaling around £4,000 for the implants, abutments and other related costs but am unclear on the cost of the bridge. I’ve searched the internet but can’t get much idea. It will be a 5 tooth bridge and I’d like it to be good quality (porcelain?). I know you can’t be exact but a rough idea of cost would be very helpful before I see my dentist and then commit to a treatment Thank you.

  14. Calista says:

    It will cost around £2500

  15. dorisgruber says:

    how can i get free dental implants ,upper and lower set.i cannot afford 25,000. i am on a fixed income. where are you located. i live in indiana

  16. kim says:

    please can u help me i had a bad dentise he broke 3 of my teeth i had to have 14 out ive tryed wearing a plate but my asthma so bad that i gag so bad with it in i gave up but im wounting to start dateing agane but wount go out because of felling down with no teeth please can u help me thankyou for your time

  17. kim says:

    please can u help me i had a bad dentise he broke 3 of my teeth i had to have 14 out ive tryed wearing a plate but my asthma so bad that i gag so bad with it in i gave up but im wounting to start dateing agane but wount go out because of felling down with no teeth please can u help me thankyou for your time

  18. Matt says:

    I lost most of my teeth as a teenager, I wear dentures I really would like to have implants can this be done on the nhs

  19. Alisa Anderson says:

    Due to a rotten baby tooth I had this removed, but there was no adult tooth to replace this, so I have a denture, but I would like to have a tooth implant because I have healthy teeth. I am on low income, but would like to consider all options and wondered if the NHS do a cheaper offer or provide a free service for training purposes?

  20. hayley says:

    hi, im am very depressed bout the way my teeth look can any one help me?

  21. abdeldjebar zitouni says:

    please,please,i lose my 10 front teeths can you help me for implants by nhs i can smile and thank you

  22. mrs catherine clements says:

    my teeth are so week they keep breaking

  23. valerie williams says:

    I have full upper dentures and have been wearing them for 3 years. I can’t cope with them . I gag and feel almost histerical when i wear them.i can’t stand the feeling next to my skin and i feel i can ‘t breath.I have to keep my mouth open to stop the feeling. I only wear the teeth when i Iout. Most of the time i am without teeth and bite my gums in two places and it hurts. i am 63 yrs and claiming pension credit and have no savings. would i be able to get help through the nhs. I am living on merseyside .I moved here to look after my elderly leaving my daughter and my friends down in Brighton and am very isolated. I would like to be able to meet people and have a social life but with this problem with dentures it is not possible.. Please could you give me advice. Many thanks.

  24. Manda says:

    Long-term Medication has destroyed my teeth & I have a small v shaped mouth so dentures push my tongue down my throat. So I have been looking for a way to get implants on the NHS & I found this web page it’s the guidelines for implants on the NHS:
    Hope others find it helpful. At the end of the day it depends on whether your local NHS will pay for it, yet again it’s the postcode lottery for your health!!!

  25. Elaine says:

    I’m in the process of getting implants for free on the NHS


    Hi I Didn tknow if ican get dental implant .i lost front teeth i can smily in fact the royal dental colloge in leceister square or N H S Hospital i need u help thanks

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