Can I Get a Full Set of Veneers?

Hi. I currently have braces and I’m very insecure about my teeth. I wanted to know about having a full set of veneers? I just wondered if that’s possible and how much it would be. I recently had my braces fitted and had 6 teeth taken out. My front teeth have started to get gappy, and the teeth don’t seem to be closing. I hate the shape and colour too. I think they’re too small. I’ve always had bad teeth since I was little and always been picked on! I’m 18 and have braces now but I just want the problem fixed and want new teeth. Thank you. 
Hi, thanks for your question. To assess if veneers would be possible, we’d really need to examine you thoroughly first and also discuss your expectations and choices (as there are various different types of veneers).

Approximate costs range from £500-£1000 per tooth depending on quite a few variables. At your age however, composite bonding veneers may be the best choice and these are generally less costly as there is often no laboratory fee required, as they are usually made by hand by the dentist. A very high degree of skill and expertise is required to do these, however.

Best wishes,  Mark.

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