Can Bridges be Made from Anything Other Than Metal?

Hello Dr Hughes. My 15 year old son has just had bridges fitted for two missing teeth either side of front two teeth. He has had two years with braces to get his teeth into the right position for this treatment. Unfortunately, the metal that is now behind his two front teeth makes his teeth look grey, the colour of the metal. Could he have had the bridge made of anything other than metal that wouldn’t show through the teeth, and is it too late to change this?
Thank you. 
Hi, thank you for your question. It is theoretically possible that the bridges (these are ‘resin bonded bridges’) could have been made with no metal (all ceramic) or that the metal could have been masked better. Are implants being planned for when he is older?

There are a few factors that would need to be assessed for the ceramic option but in particular more space is usually required in the bite as they need to be thicker than the metal wing to survive fracturing.

I would take him to a very experienced cosmetic dentist or restorative specialist.

Regards, Mark.

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