Can adult canine tooth be removed?

Q. Hi Dr Tennet. I am 25 years old and have not been to the dentist for about 11 years due to fear. I still have a baby canine tooth and my adult canine has been sat above it waiting to come down. I am so emabarassed about it, i am constantly worrying about it, it is really knocking my confidance. I have managed to get into a dentist and am just wondering what my options are. What i really want is to have the adult canine removed, I have very straight teeth and feel if they wanted to bring the adult canine tooth down it may push against my other teeth as it not sat straight in my gums anymore. Can adult canines be removed? and also would they keep my baby tooth in or could they insert an implant? Thank you for you help,
A. Most cases that I have treated have had a better result by removing the baby tooth and the Adult canine. All cases are slightly different and if you would like a free initial consultation at our Birmingham Practice please call 0121 643 0610 .Rob
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