Can A Tooth That Has Been Badly Damaged Ever Recover?

I suffered a serious injury to my teeth uppers. I had to get a plate because of my siezures that knocked my front 4. I have a partial know. The injury affected took out all my 4 fronts even roots inbetween my eye teeth.I have an( r)eye tooth that has damage greying but when i seen my dent. surgeon there was a nerve still alive on one side more than another.He said(dentist) if it doesn’t hurt root canal is not what he wants to do…He also said the tooth can reverse …I am worried or maybe can the right eye tooth gain strenght to stay in without (R.C.opr) all others are fine and healthy..can I get my eye tooth healthy again.?
If the tooth has not fully devitalised then it can sometimes recover from the injury associated with trauma. This may include the colour improving but in adults over 14years old this is unlikely. The health and vitality of the tooth should be closely monitored and in my own practice I would refer you to see our endodontist (root canal specialist) to have this tooth fully checked over and for the monitoring process.

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