Are train track braces the best option to move my teeth forward, and is surgery the only way to correct lower jaw alignment?

Q. I am 24 years old and I want to straighten my bottom teeth as they have been pushed back from sucking my thumb as a child. My top teeth are fine. I had an intial consultation with an orthodontists who has informed me i will need train tracks braces for approximately 6-12 months as other braces are not suitable for the type of movement needed. I have been quoted between £3500 and £4000 plus another £400 for inital x-rays and pictures to determine exact tretment needed. Is this price about right? i was thinking it would be more like £2500 all in so was wondering whether to pay for a second consoltation elsewhere? (i live in south of England- Southampton area). Could you give me an indication of price (i know cases vary)? Also he said my lower jaw has slightly moved back and to get a perfect alignement this would need to be corrected- is surgery the only method? if it is i am not interested in having this done.,
A. Dear Enquirer, Fixed braces or `train tracks’ as they are commonly known are a fantastic way of bringing your teeth into the correct position. You have the option of metal or ceramic (tooth coloured) braces which work fast and look good too. The fees that you have been quoted do seem to be correct. In relation to correcting your jaw alignment, does this really bother you? What difference would it make? If you were not to have the jaw surgery, how would this affect your orthodontic treatment? Perhaps you need to ask a few more questions from your orthodontist so that you are fully aware of all your options and pro’s and cons of each, before you go ahead with any treatment. I hope that this helps, Sunita
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