Are there any treatment options for my bad oral health and tooth decay?

hi im only 17 and am a single mum. when i was younger i was never taken to the dentist and was brought up on a unhealthy diet and became very embarssed to go to a dentist from a yong age and my teeth became very painful to brush! due to this i have really bad oral health all of my teeth are very yellow inbetween my 2 front teeth i have a black line and another of my front teeth has a black hole in it were there starting to go rotten. one of my back teeth is also broken down. this is ruining my life its getting me very down i cant afford cosmetic dentistry as im only 17 please help and tell me what options i have if i have any?
Your best best is to find a good local dentist and have some basic dental health care done first. Simply by treating what sounds like tooth your decay, things will immediately look better
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May 10th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Trystan Says :

After spending a month in America I now realise how yellowish and squinty my teeth look. Im thinking of looking into teeth whitening or perhaps veneers or implants. Advise?

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