Are there any payplans to make invisalign affordable?

Hello, Good Morning. My two front Teeth are slightly crooked & they just slighty overlap the ones next to them, but rest of my teeth are straight. Am i right to think my teeth are over crowded to have made them two front ones crooked? Im also looking into invisalign to straighten them up, My teeth are nice and white and taken care of, but i still cover my mouth when i smile, people say they cant notice but i can and i really dont like. I have looked at Invisalign costs and people are saying anything from £3000 upwards, I dont have that kind of money spare, Is there pay plans for this kind of treatment and would you say invisalign would be best for me? Thankyou for your time, i will look forward to hearing from. Many Thanks
Dear Enquirer,
I cannot say whether Invisalign would be the right treatment for you, but you can normally spread the cost of treatments over a period of time with many practices.
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